Computer Engineering

Computer And Information Science Program

Program's Objective

As a result of variety of applications and widespread usage of computers and similar information technologies, the need for research and development (R&D) engineers is continuously growing in today’s industry. Computer and Information Science Master’s Degree Program offers two different degrees, one with thesis and one without. Master’s Degree program without thesis, provides an education in a broad area that includes, theories, structures, functions and applications of computers and related technologies. The aim of the program is to educate students, who upon graduation, can use theoretical and applied knowledge effectively, in areas of computer science, computer software and computer hardware, who can monitor the developments in the world and who can be an expert and a leader in industry with emphasis on research, development and production. Master’s Degree program with thesis, focuses on academic studies, and aims to provide students with a background needed for further studies leading to a Ph. D. degree.

Computer and Information Science Degree with thesis, consists of 2 obligatory, 2 required elective, 3 free elective courses and a 6 credit hour Master’s Degree thesis. Computer and Information Science Degree without thesis consists of a total of 30 credit hour courses, of which 2 are required, 3 are required elective and 5 are free elective courses in addition to a Master’s Degree project.

Curriculum (PDF)
Course Descriptions