Computer Engineering

Department's Head's Message

Chair's Message

Thank you for visiting our Computer Engineering Department’s website. The Doğuş University Computer Engineering Department was established in 1997, and as such can be considered a young department. However, in spite of this the needed infrastructure, in particular with regards to the number of teaching staff and their quality, has advanced rapidly.

Within the course plan, a balance has been taken into consideration between courses related to the two fundamental aspects of computer engineering: software and hardware.

With elective courses, we encourage students to develop expertise in areas of personal interest as well as to develop knowledge of subjects outside of engineering.

An education in Computer Engineering is full of truly fulfilling and exciting courses. Computers have taken a place in every aspect of life today. We believe that our graduates, having developed a command of English, learned up-to-date science and technology, and made progress in their social development, will easily find employment anywhere in the world.

Dr. Selim AKYOKUŞ, Professor
Chair of the Computer Engineering Dept.